Activation – How to Activate Kroger Card


How can I activate my Kroger Mastercard or can I activate my Kroger credit card online? In this article, you can learn the simple procedure to activation on how to activate your Kroger card. activation or activation is an online dedicated portal for all Kroger Mastercard cardholders where they can activate their credit card after acquiring the physical copy of the card. For the card to be active for purchase or payment, you need to activate the card after the application of getting approved for a Kroger credit card. Activation - How to Activate Kroger Card

Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard is one of the good store credit cards best for shopping online and in-store. There are different kinds of credit cards, Kroger Mastercard is a cash-back credit card that allows cardmembers to save on fuel and rewards while using the card at respective stores which comes with earning cash back. However, shoppers can apply for Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard, and afterward, move to the activation to activate Kroger card.

However, it’s important to activate your card, this is because activating your card entitles you to all Kroger benefits and rewards when you use the card to show online or other respective stores that accept Kroger Mastercard.

Reason Why You Need Activation

First of all, activating your Kroger Mastercard allows you to be able to use the card across various stores that accept the card. Without activation, you can’t use the card and also enjoy benefits as well as rewards on the Kroger card which include:

  • 5% cash back from mobile wallet purchase for the first use of the card to purchase items worth $3000.
  • 2% cash back when you purchase items from their store.
  • 1% cash if you purchase items outside their stores.
  • Using the card allows you to enjoy an additional 55¢ per gallon of fuel
  • It offers you no annual fee.

The most joyful thing about the Kroger Mastercard is the bundle of cashback you can earn on every purchase you make with the card. However, activation for the card is simple with the right guideline to help you with activation.

How to Activate Kroger Card on Activation

To activate the Kroger card is very simple but can’t be done online or via activation. After requiring your credit card by mail, you can contact the Kroger phone number to activate your card. Unfortunately, you can’t start your Kroger card on activation.

Only through phone calls can you activate your Kroger card. Therefore, use the Kroger phone number to call a customer representative to activate your card. That’s how to go about the Kroger Mastercard activation through phone and not online.

FAQs About Kroger Mastercard Activation | Activation

Can you use a Kroger Mastercard anywhere?

Kroger Mastercard can only be used in-store or online stores accepting Mastercard as a payment form. However, to redeem your reward, you can visit to redeem your earned cash back.

How do I add an authorized user to my Kroger credit card?

You can simply add an authorized user to your Kroger credit card by logging in to your account or logging in to Online Banking. Then under Customer Service, you can select the option Self Service. Next, click Add Authorized User under the section “Credit Card Section”. Afterward, you can enter the necessary information and submit it.

How can I Apply for Kroger Mastercard?

You can apply for Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard online. Where you’ll be requested to provide the necessary information for the application. Likewise, you can also apply for a Kroger card by phone. To check your application status, you can also call the customer representative.

How can I check my Rewards Points?

To check your total Kroger card rewards points, you can log in to online banking. Or visit and select My Account. Then, you can click Login to Online banking, and log in to your account to check and redeem your rewards points.


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