Play Spotify on Web – How to Listen to Spotify on Website | Spotify Online Player

How can I play Spotify on web or how can I get Spotify to play on Chrome? First of all, there are two dedicated platforms where you can listen to music on Spotify. This includes the Spotify web compatible with web browsers and the Spotify app on iPhone, Android, and other higher versions of smartphones. The Spotify web can also be referred to as a Spotify online player where you can listen to thousands of music via www.spotify.com instead of the mobile app.

Play Spotify on Web -  How to Listen to Spotify on Website | Spotify Online Player

It’s more convenient to make use of the Spotify mobile app because this gives you access to stay connected with your favorite music anywhere, anytime right on your mobile phone. Unlike the Spotify webs whereby you need to use your web browser on internet-connected devices such as Windows to listen to music online.

Spotify is an incredible music streaming service and one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. A lot of people are well familiar with the use of Spotify as a mobile app to listen to music, podcast, and more. But the music streaming service (Play Spotify on Web) is also available as a desktop or pc. The official Spotify website is www.spotify.com.

The Spotify web player is compatible with web browsers that include Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and not on Safari. When you can play.spotify.com or Spotify web player on safari, this will redirect you to the Spotify app on your device. However, if you don’t know how to use the Spotify web player to play Spotify music on web, check out the procedure below.

Does Spotify have a web player | Play Spotify on Web

Yes, Spotify has a web player own as the official website to the music streaming service is Open.spotify.com where you can listen directly from your PC. The Spotify web player is the dedicated version for all desktop or PC users. This basically serves as an alternative to the use of the Spotify app. For instance, in case you won’t want to listen to music via the app or you want to play music directly from your desktop device. The Spotify web player (Play Spotify on Web) is the right choice.

How to Access the Spotify Web Player

Earlier stated above, the Spotify web player is majorly compatible with web browsers. Therefore, you can use the services on any device of your web browser except safari. However, to access the Spotify web player, view the following instruction below:

  • Visit Open.spotify.com (Play Spotify on Web) on your Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini or other browsers.
  • This will open direct you to the Spotify web player where you can see a preview of how it looks like.
  • In other to listen to music, you need to either sign up for an account if you don’t have one yet or sign in to your account as an existing user.
  • Simply, click on the Log In icon at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your detail to sign in to your Spotify account and start listening to music.

If you are unfamiliar with Spotify, you can click the Sign-up icon to create an account where you can use either your Facebook account or email account to sign up and start listening to music online.

How to Find Music in Spotify Web | Play Spotify on Web

Open.spofiy.com (Play Spotify on Web) is built with a simple interface as the mobile app where you can make use of the feature to browse through thousands of music to listen to. In searching for music, you can use the search engine where you can search for your favorite songs or choice of songs to listen to.

Another includes the categories of different collections of music to select from which include based on location, editor’s picks, focus, sleep, mood, popular new releases, soundtrack your home, and more.

Play Spotify on Web – How to Listen to Spotify on Website | Spotify Online Player

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