Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate – How to Activate Priceline VIP Rewards Card Online

How do I activate my Priceline Rewards Vise card or how can I access Priceline rewards visa.com activate for activation of my credit card? Priceline rewards visa.com/activate is the process of activating your credit card for use. Once you have applied for the Priceline Reward Visa Card. The next thing for you to do is activate your credit card which enables you to earn points while using the card for purchases. Also, redeem points for statement credits. Therefore, learn how to activate your Priceline Rewards Visa Card online.

Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate - How to Activate Priceline VIP Rewards Card Online

Priceline VIP Rewards Visa Card also commonly referred to as Priceline Rewards Visa Card is one of the credit cards issued by Barclays. The visa card is suitable for those that travel regularly to use the card and earn more points. Barclays is one of the most popular financial companies in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of services including credit cards, savings & CDs, personal loans, and more. However, the Priceline rewards visa.com/activate is a form of activating your Priceline VIP Rewards Visa Card.

Priceline Rewards Visa.com activate is very simple, to activate your card. You need to provide certain information and also log in to your Cards.barclaycardus.com account for activation of your account.

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Reason Why You Need Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate

This is talking about the benefits of activating your Priceline Rewards Visa Card. However, there is a wide range of rewards points to earn after the activation of your credit card. The following benefits of activating your Priceline VIP Rewards Visa Card include:

  • Earn 10,000 bonus points when you spend $1000 on your first 90 days of purchase on the card.
  • Earn 5x point when you spend $1 on Priceline bookings every time or day.
  • Also, using the card to purchase gas or restaurants that include delivery services earns you 2x points.
  • All other purchases while using the card as a form of payment earn you 1x points.
  • This allows you to unlock the VIP Gold status benefits that include access to exclusive deals.
  • Low intro APR on balance transfers
  • It comes with no foreign transaction fees and unlimited access to earn points.

In addition, other benefits you can enjoy after activating your Priceline VIP Rewards Visa Card include $0 fraud liability protection and also free access to monitor your FICO credit score. Plus, it offers you good interest rates and no annual fee.

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How to Activate Priceline Rewards VIP Visa Card on Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate

There are 3 ways to Priceline Rewards Visa Card activation which include online, by phone, or via Barclays mobile app. There is the following process on how to activate Priceline Rewards card online and on other platforms.

To Activate Priceline Reward Card Online

  • Go to Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate page.
  • This will direct you to the activation page.
  • To start with the activation of your card, enter the following detail:
  • Card number
  • Security Code
  • Last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • Select your occupation.
  • Then, click Activate.

Activation By Phone

You can activate Barclaycard’s credit card by phone number. All you need to do is call the Barclays activation line where you’ll need to provide some relevant information. This includes your date of birth, the last 4 digits of both your card number and your social security number. Stay connected with the customer representative to create your card Pin or request to by email to you.

Activation By Barclays Mobile App

The process of activating your Barclay credit card through the mobile app is very simple. All you need is to have the app installed on your device. Simply, visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download the free Barclays mobile app.

Afterward, you can open the app and select “Activate your account” Then you can provide the necessary information for activation of the card. Keep in mind, that you must activate the Priceline VIP Rewards Visa card before use.

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How to Redeem Priceline Rewards Visa Card

To redeem your Priceline credit card points is very simple. However, there is a dedicated page to visit to redeem your rewards points. Hence, follow the instruction below to redeem your Priceline Rewards Visa card point.

  1. Go to https://cards.barclaycardus.com/?p=priceline.
  2. Then, select Cardmember Login.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click Log in.

Once you have logged in to your account, then, select the option Redeem Points and follow the instruction to redeem your rewards points.

FAQs About Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate

Can I use my Priceline credit card anywhere?

Yes, you can use your Priceline credit card anywhere since it is a traveling reward credit card that comes with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees while using the card abroad or anywhere.

Does Priceline have a rewards program?

Yes, the Priceline VIP program is simple and completely free to join. All that is needed includes a Priceline account which will enable you to sign up or join the VIP program. Plus, collect more benefits and perk while you use Priceline for booking and more.

Is the Priceline credit card good?

Priceline is an excellent credit card, especially a great option for travelers which offers you no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee on your international purchases. Plus, a whole lot of opportunities to earn more rewards points including earning 10,000 bonus points, earning 5X points, and earning 2X points.

How do I redeem my visa reward points?

To redeem your Priceline Rewards Visa card reward points, you need to have gathered about 2500 points which is worth $25 for Priceline.com purchases, and 5000 points worth $50 for non-Priceline purchases. However, you can log in to your Barclay credit card account login to redeem your points.

Priceline Rewards Visa.com/activate – How to Activate Priceline VIP Rewards Card Online

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